Hello, Coaches & Parents!


We are working hard to make Travel Baseball the best it can be!!! Please share with  the following information with your Coaches and parents.


ENTRY FEES: GameOn is offering 8U - 12U teams to play for FREE in our tournaments - each team only has to provide 2 new regulation baseballs per game. We are still giving you 3-5 games (based on the Sunday bracket) on quality fields (all with batting cages) and top notch umpires. 13U & 14U teams will only pay $129 and 15U & Up will only pay $299 (these team will supply 3 new regulation baseballs to start the game.)


WORLD SERIES: The World Series will be FREE. It will also only be for 3 days, instead of 4, so parents don't have to pay the  grossly over-exaggerated gate for 4 days. Moreover, there are no "qualifiers" where your team is milked out of extra entry fees and are told that you have to play in so many events in order to "qualify." Trust me, I KNOW (and anyone that saw the 12U division last year in a certain WS also knows), any team that wants to play in other organization's World Series can and do.


GATE FEES: We are charging $7 for Adults, $5 for Seniors, and all kids High School and younger are FREE.


ROSTERS: Let's be totally honest here; "closed rosters" are really never closed. Teams are constantly picking up players to play on any given weekend. Moreover, there are literally dozens of ways for teams to circumvent the rules. I will not allow a stud Majors pitcher come play in a AA bracket - we are not giving away Carnival prizes or any outrageous prizes to entice you to play so that alone should deter the "trophy hunters." We do need a roster to make sure your team is covered for insurance purposes.


AWARDS: We absolutely want kids to learn the value of healthy competition. But we also don't want to put a Coach in a position to possibly over-pitch a player just for the chance to win some "big award." Please watch Coach Tony Robichaux, Head Coach of UL Lafeyette & one of the most respected College Baseball Coaches, and see what he has to say about it. It gets real good around the 12:20 mark. If your team wins, please feel free to spend the money you saved in entry fees on buying them something they want or need.


THIS IS PERMANENT: This not a special, this is not a gimmick.  We are working diligently to fix travel baseball. We have reduced our overhead to practically nothing and we have no National or State sanction fees - we can pass every penny of savings to our teams! We want to take this model and spread it everywhere along with more truth about equipment & college scouting/scholarships for the older players. As you can imagine, we are going up against numerous entities who do not appreciate what we are doing and are working hard to stop us.


OUR FAMILY: We hate missing church on Sundays, but we also understand that the ballpark has been and will continue to be our mission field. We are not perfect; we are sinners & need God's saving grace. We believe wholly that Christ died for everyone's sins, even our enemies for whom we continue to pray. We ask all believers to please keep us in your prayers. Galatians 6:9


For over 9 years, we have had a great experience playing with GameOn! Their tournaments are fun & competitive, and our boys love being part of them. Phil & Sam are very helpful, organized, and communicate very well with us making the tournaments enjoyable for everyone!


Dabo Swinney, Coach of  the Orange Crush & the 2016 NCAA Football National Champions Clemson Tigers

I have coached travel ball with 2 sons over 6 seasons and have played with GameOn every year. Phil and his staff have always worked with us any time we had a need as well as providing competitive tournaments no matter what age we were playing. We look forward to many more seasons of playing with GameOn.


Jason Pridgen, Hed Coach of the L3 Force

Phil Evatt and his entire staff at GameOn do a fantastic job of organizing, managing, and maintaining amazing baseball tournaments. GameOn has ALWAYS put baseball ahead of profits and our Longhorns Baseball program has appreciated the difference!


Travis Lanier, Head of Longhorns Baseball


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