The Evatt family hosted its first tournament in 1984 when oldest brother Joe organized a 20 team softball tournament , aided by younger brothers, Sam & Phil - making us some of the most experienced Tournament Directors in the country.  This became an annual event and eventually spawned off into more tournaments throughout the year. In 1988, Phil was organizing an inter-collegiate tournament between the University of South Carolina and Clemson University, raising funds for worthy causes. When he graduated in 1990, the brothers talked to their dad, Tom, and decided to start their own family business.


Since then, we have prided ourselves in being able to transform our tournaments into events, and we have successfully organized or helped in organizing sporting events of all scale across the entire country. Under a variety of names and associations with different organizations, we have hosted:

District Championships, State Championships, Super Regionals, Regional Championships, World Series, & many National Championships. We have organized sporting events in the following cities:

Orlando, FL (ESPN's Wide World of Sports)

Atlanta, GA -

San Jose, CA

Chattanooga, TN

Oklahoma City, OK

Clearwater, FL

Jackson, MS

Dallas, TX

Baltimore, MD
Fort Lauderdale, FL

Baton Rouge, LA

Chicago, IL

New York, NY

San Diego, CA

Washington, D.C

Cincinnati, OH

Anaheim, CA (Disneyland)

Tampa, FL

Houston, TX

Las Vegas, NV

St. Louis, MO

Columbus, OH

Jacksonville, FL

and may other cities.



In 2008, we re-organized our entire sports event management under the name GameOn with the purpose and dedication of bringing the Carolinas the best sporting events in the country. By 2013, we were averaging over 70 teams per tournament, 34 weekends a year in baseball alone. It was then that Phil met John Smoltz and soon, they would make changes that travel baseball drastically needed, and these changes will eventually be taken nationwide. 


More than ever, it is imperative that we work to protect this great game of baseball - so that our children's children will continue celebrating the passion of America's Pastime. Indeed, each member of the GameOn staff works to ensure that the integrity of the game is uncompromised while the experience of a fantastic tournament is unparalleled.


Thanks for your support of GameOn!


First and foremost, we want to honor the Lord with all of our actions & words. We decided to run weekly tournaments only after many prayers & the encouragement from a dear family friend - a minister, who encouraged us to use our events as our mission field to spread the Gospel.


Rarely do we have a problem or issue with the awesome kids playing in our events;  we do have issues when parents and coaches lose persepective and say things or behave in a manner that is inconsistent with their own value system. We are asking all of you to please be on your best behavior and recognize that our children are watching how we react and behave in every situation.

Without question, very few individuals have the baseball experience of our President, Phil Evatt, who has been actively involved in baseball for 44 years. 


In 1991, one year removed from the University of South Carolina and with no children (not even a wife), Phil Managed a 12U Team at Northwood Little League; thus began an 18 year stint that he volunteered not only to NWLL, but also the District, State & National Little League levels. He served on several Board positions at NWLL beginning in 1998 and served as the Asst. District Administrator, District Athletic Director, & District Treasurer for District 7 in South Carolina. He was also responsible for hosting and running the District LL Tournaments and State LL Tournaments held in the upstate. Phil helped Forest Thomas and a slew of Easley residents organize the Big League World Series from the very beginning. When District 7 split off from District 1, Phil organized and Managed a team for the Big League World Series. He & Steve Johnson were responsible for choosing the players and Coach Jeff Young to Manage the District 7 Big League Teams for 5 years until his time with Little League concluded.


During that time, he was also able to manage being the Head Varsity Baseball Coach at Christ Church Episcopal. Taking over a team with only 2 returning starters from a 2-20 season, he lead the Cavaliers to a record of 11-8 in its first season and the State Playoffs, starting an 8th Grader & 4 Freshmen on that Varsity team. He quit coaching High School in order to coach his son, Alan and one of the very first 9U Travel Teams in the state of South Carolina. Of the 18 players he coached and instructed directly as part of that travel team, 12 went on to play College Baseball and 1 is still playing professionally (Josh Reagan Q&A).


In 2007, Phil was managing a Travel Baseball team when he was quite upset with the way things were being run. He spoke to several Coaches and Recreation Departments who agreed that changes needed to be made; they encouraged Phil to begin running weekly Baseball Tournaments. The premise: make every decision about baseball and the kids.


To date, GameOn has successfully hosted over 55,000 Travel Baseball Games - still incorporating many of the changes instituted 10 years ago. God willing, we will continue to host the best Game in town for many more years  to come.

We have cut our overhead drastically, and by doing so, we are now able to offer a select group of teams competitive, fair, well-run, well-organized, & well-officiated tournaments with little to no team entry fee.


GameOn President





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