The Evatt family hosted its first tournament in 1984 when oldest brother Joe organized a 20 team softball tournament , aided by younger brothers, Sam & Phil - making us some of the most experienced Tournament Directors in the country.  This became an annual event and eventually spawned off into more tournaments throughout the year. In 1988, Phil was organizing an inter-collegiate tournament between the University of South Carolina and Clemson University, raising funds for worthy causes. 


By 2003, we were traveling the country sharing our expertise with event directors in many different associations & organizations. Those events included: District Championships, State Championships, Super Regionals, Regional Championships, World Series, & many National Championships. We have organized events in the following cities:

Orlando, FL (ESPN's Wide World of Sports)

Atlanta, GA

San Jose, CA

Chattanooga, TN

Easley, SC

Oklahoma City, OK

Clearwater, FL

Jackson, MS

Dallas, TX

Baltimore, MD
Fort Lauderdale, FL

Baton Rouge, LA

Myrtle Beach, SC

Chicago, IL

Atlantic City, NJ

New York, NY

Indianapolis, IN

Greenville, SC

San Diego, CA

Washington, D.C

Cincinnati, OH

Anaheim, CA (Disneyland)

Tampa, FL

Houston, TX

Las Vegas, NV

St. Louis, MO

Columbus, OH

Tunica, MS

Jacksonville, FL

and many more.



In 2008, we re-organized our entire sports event management under the name GameOn with the purpose and dedication of bringing the Carolinas the best sporting events in the country. By 2013, we were averaging over 65 teams per tournament, 34 weekends a year in baseball alone.


First and foremost, we want to honor the Lord with all of our actions & words. We ask that all players, parents, coaches & officials be on their best behavior. These are children, our children, playing games. Games that are not determining college scholarships or professional contracts.


Rarely do we have a problem or issue with the awesome kids playing in our events;  we do have issues when parents and coaches lose persepective and say things or behave in a manner that is inconsistent with their own value system. Please recognize that our children are watching how we react and behave in every situation.

Without question, very few individuals have the event administration experience of our President, Phil Evatt. To date, he has hosted or been directly involved with over 600 separate and unique events or tournaments across the country in: baseball, football, basketball, slow pitch softball, wrestling, volleyball, fastpitch softball, cheerleading & dance, & swimming. He also has extensive experience working with marching bands, orchestras, concert choirs,  & show choirs.


This sort of experience brings you as organized an event as possible, with clear communication and expectations from staff and officials.

"Whether they win or lose, the vast majority of people will appreciate a professionally run event, especially when all decisions are made with te kids in mind first."

GameOn President



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