Garrett Shipman is counted on to carry his 10U Patriots Red Team to victory with strong pitching performances each tournament.

I call him Big Ten - he wears #10 on the baseball field & he plays football and reminds me of Big Ben Roethlisberger - so Big Ten, Garrett Shipman. Opponents know him as the "Big Lefty", both on the bump as a pitcher and and in the batter's box slugging away with powerful swings.


We asked the 4th Grader at Simpsonville Elementary about his favorite sports and players.


"My favorite MLB player is definitely Anthony Rizzo for the Chiago Cubs. My favorite sport is whatever sport I'm playing that day."


What a great answer! But we didn't expect anything less from an A Honor Roll Student.


We asked his Coach of the 10U Patriots Red, Leigh Judy, about Big Ten. "He is a phenominal athlete with an incredible mindset of a winner. He puts forth a dedicted work ethic that serves as great leader for our team."


"Big Ten" Garrett Shipman is definitely a Gamer and one to keep an eye on.


Pictured above: "Big Ten" Garrett Shipman after winning his 2nd Gamer Award, awarded by the Coach/Manager of the opposing team.

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