The 10U Upstate Mayhem have a rock-solid young man behind the dish

When teams play the 10U Upstate Mayhem, it doesn't take long to notice the field captain behind the plate - none other than Silas Blackwell. Silas plays with a maturity level and an understanding of the game that is way above most 10U players. He directs traffic, calls for the proper cutoffs, and is encouraging to his teammates - all the while blocking most of the wild pitches and throwing with a cannon of an arm when runners feel compelled to challenge him.


I asked Silas who is favorite player is and what other positions and sports he likes.


"Kris Bryant for the Cubs (also his favorite MLB Team), no doubt. I also like playing 1B and I love to play Basketball if I am not on a baseball field."


What we really struck me, however, was his eagerness to give all of the glory to God. 


"My faith is the most important thing to me." He went on to tell me a little but more about his relationship with Christ, that his favorite book in the Bible is the Book of Psalms, and that he really enjoys his church, Faith Baptist in Laurens. "I really like my church."


Silas is an incredibly polite and respectful young man - the type of kid you pull for whether he's playing for or against your team. I have my eye on this kid as he develops over the next few years - it should be fun to watch!


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